2 Programs with Dennis Seymour, Esq.

This year marks my twenty-ninth wedding anniversary to Peggy Ann Russell, who is also my paralegal. We are blessed with two adult children, both graduates of Coronado High School. Our son serves our country in the United States Army. Our daughter is a fine artist and a graduate of the Chicago Art Institute. We live in San Diego.

I attended Stanford University (1973-4) and transferred to the University of California, Berkeley (B.A. English 1977, B.S. Biology of Natural Resources 1978). I attended law school at the University of California, Berkeley [Boalt Hall] and Harvard Law School during my third year as part of a still-continuing annual exchange of five students from each school. I earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in 1984. While at Harvard, I took my first courses in mediation. I have encouraged and practiced mediation throughout my career. In 2002, I earned a Masters of Law in Taxation at the University of San Diego. I continued mediation training at the National Conflict Resolution Center. My areas of expertise include complex family law settlement and mediation cases.

Between undergraduate and law school studies, I taught junior high school students in Fairbanks, Alaska, and on the Winnebago Indian Reservation in Nebraska. After graduation from law school, I worked for three years on the Navajo Indian Reservation as a staff and managing attorney of D.N.A. People's Legal Services, Inc., in Window Rock, Arizona. D.N.A. is the largest federally funded Indian Legal Services program in the country and serves the Navajo and Hopi nations out of several offices located in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

This bundle includes the following programs:
  • Anxiety and Stress Management in A Challenging Profession (1.0 Competency Participatory Credit)
  • California Cannabis Law: Navigating the Minefield (3.0 General Participatory Credits)
  • Cybersecurity for the Legal Professional (.75 General Participatory Credit and .25 Legal Ethics Participatory Credit)
  • Limited Scope Representation: Practical Tips to Assist More Clients & Expand Your Practice (1.0 General Participatory Credit)
  • Fifth Annual Beer and Wine Law Update (1.5 General Participatory Credits)
  • Fundamentals of Family Law: Practical Tips for Practicing in San Diego (3.25 General Participatory Credits & 1.0 Legal Ethics Participatory Credit)
  • The Attorney-Client Contract: The Intersection of Ethical Obligation, Risk Management and Client Retention Strategies (1.0 General Participatory Credit)
  • The Jury is Watching (1.5 General and 0.5 Legal Ethics Participatory Credits)
  • What Works Well in Mediation (1.0 General Participatory Credit)
  • Dispute Resolution Agreements: Functional and Dysfunctional (1.0 General Participatory Credit)
  • Death of a Litigant & Creditor’s Claims - Civil & Probate Cross-Over Issues (1.0 General Participatory Credit)
  • Here and Now: Practical Ethics and Civility in Today's Profession (3.0 Hours of Legal Ethics Participatory Credit)
  • How to Ethically Use the Cloud (1.0 Legal Ethics Participatory Credit)
  • Removing the Stigma: Suicide Detection and Prevention in the Legal Profession (1.0 Competency Issues Participatory Credit)
  • Dialogue on Diversity: Cultural Competency - An Essential Skill for Lawyers Advocating in a Diverse World (1.0 Elimination of Bias Credit)
  • Opening Your Practice: Client Communications: Engagement Letters, Fee Agreements, Billing Statements, etc. (1.0 Legal Ethics and 0.5 General Participatory Credits)

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